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Must read notice: Geekish Post….Only for geeks 😀

Do you need to write your first thesis paper or do you want your publication published in a famous journal?

So LaTeX is for you. LaTeX is a document preparation system for high-quality typesetting based on Donald E. Knuth’s TeX typesetting language or certain extensions. It is most often used for medium-to-large technical or scientific documents but it can be used for almost any form of publishing.

Well, definitely *NIX systems have built-in latex support, but in windows you need to set it up for yourself. As few monthes ago I have started writting my first thesis paper using latex and for some reason I have used windows system, I need to setup latex environment in windows. Definitely a annoying, time consuming task, So I have decided to share it 🙂

I am going to describe it step by step, please follow these steps as described, its important. I am assuming you have Windows XP or later versions and you have administrative privilege.

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Some file storage sites give you a download link which use to expire after a definite time , like 1 hour or 24 hour. is one like them. They allow you to download files hosted on their server without any limitations, but the download link will be functional for 6 hours or other certain time. Not only these file hosting servers, often many sites from where you can download movie or songs, impose this kind of time limitation to balancing load.

But surely you can overcome this limitation.

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When you don’t find anything or don’t know where to find, the only probable answer you may get “Google it!”. But finding your desired result is really a hard job unless you search for the keyword “Google”, “Microsoft”, “Facebook” or something like that!. But surely you are not going to search them. You may want to find where your favorite song or movie or e-book can be downloaded or a specific note about a specific person.

To make easier the job, you may wish to follow the following steps..
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Have you checked this? write and in your browser’s address bar, then hit Enter. Both will work. same as true for Yahoo!, and other leading sites. Again there are some sites which won’t work without ‘www‘, like will work but won’t work.

So what’s the reason behind this?

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There is no nice or 100% effective fast way to verify an ISO image of any OS [normally *INX based OS] without installing. But there are several ways one can test the ISO image. If the test(s) are successful, there is a high (to me which is almost 100% 🙂 ) probability, that the ISO is perfect to be burned in a CD or DVD which one is desirable.

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Hi all,

I think all of us always try to get nice, interesting pictures either for collection or for desktop background. You crawl on web like Google in search of nice pictures. When you grab one, you don’t know if its copyrighted or not! But you can always grab all the best pictures posted into your mail box just for free.

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