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Why this blog

Its an obvious thing on net that you hit on a term / topic you don’t know. Some time, while using computer, you find some thing confusing. Most of the times, you just ignore them, or sometime, you don’t have enough time to find an explanation.

But the thing will be changed 🙂

From now on browse to AskBahar and ASK ME what you need to know. I will try to help you to explain things easily by just posting a new post to my blog. As the source I will use me and my friends experience, the vast internet, basically Google to find the answer. I will always try to enlist the sources.

The reason behind all these questioning and answering is just to help myself as well others who may find some time to read my blog. And Definitely you, the Questioner. Because I believe that sharing our knowledge and experience can enrich our soul vastly.

I hope you will find the blog useful 🙂


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